involving everyone or everything in a place or situation
across-the-board budget cuts[/ex]
aˌcross the ˈboard adv

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  • a|cross-the-board — «uh KRS thuh BRD, KROS ; BOHRD», adjective, adverb. U.S. applying to all members of an industry, union, or other group; general: »Look for an across the board cut in civilian payrolls (Wall Street Journal) …   Useful english dictionary

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  • across the board — All the months of a particular futures contract or futures option contract, for example, if all the copper contracts open limit up, they were limit up across the board. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary Movement or trend in the stock market that …   Financial and business terms

  • across-the-board — a.cross the board adj, adv also across the board affecting everyone or everything in a situation or organization ▪ an across the board pay increase ▪ In July everything we sell is reduced right across the board …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • across the board — ◆ a|cross the board 〈[əkrɔ̣s ðə bɔ:d]〉 1. jeden betreffend, allgemein 2. 〈TV〉 an mehreren aufeinander folgenden Tagen zur gleichen Zeit gesendet; ein across the board gesendeter Werbespot [Etym.: engl., »allgemein, generell«]   ◆ Die… …   Lexikalische Deutsches Wörterbuch

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